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Access to Destinations Study

Access to Destinations is an interdisciplinary research and outreach effort coordinated by the Center for Transportation Studies, with support from sponsors including the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Hennepin County, the Metropolitan Council, and the McKnight Foundation.

The Access to Destinations Study takes a new approach to understanding how people use the transportation system, and how transportation and land use interact. At the heart of this approach is the concept of accessibility: the ability of people to reach the destinations that they need to visit in order to meet their needs. By focusing on accessibility—rather than simple congestion measures—the Access to Destinations Study aims to produce a more complete and meaningful picture of transportation and its role in our lives.

The study of accessibility deals with multiple modes of transportation, including public transit, non-motorized transportation, and automobile use. Accessibility is also concerned with land use and development patterns, and the ways in which land use influences and is affected by transportation.

To learn more about accessibility and its role in the Access to Destinations Study, visit the About Accessibility page.


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